Become a Housing Host

The Mid-Columbia Symphony (MCS) provides lodging for musicians who travel more than 50 miles to perform in our concerts. You can support the MCS by offering a homestay to these musicians.

For musicians, staying in a host’s home offers a comfortable place to stay and a chance to meet new friends. For hosts, it’s an opportunity to meet talented musicians and build connections.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A private room with a private full bathroom
  • Space for musicians to practice during the day
  • Parking for a car (street parking is okay)

Musicians handle their own meals, but many appreciate sharing meals with hosts. While providing meals isn’t required, it’s a kind gesture enjoyed by both parties. We encourage hosts to offer meals if it works for them. Meal details should be agreed upon beforehand between the musician and host to ensure a smooth stay.

To become a housing host, call our office at (509) 943-6602 or contact our business manager at

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