Contribute To Mid-Columbia Symphony

Thank You to Our Donors!

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our supporters. Your contributions enable us to continue bringing you the only professional, full-size orchestra providing live symphonic music in the Mid-Columbia area.

Because we are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax-deductible.

Friends Of the Symphony

Friends of the Symphony provides an opportunity for you to become an active patron of our symphony. As a member of the Mid-Columbia Symphony Society, you will receive ticket priority, newsletters, voting membership at the annual meeting and invitations to special symphony events.

View the list of current Symphony Patrons and Principal Chair Sponsors below:

Other Ways To Contribute

1) Give in memory of a special individual. Your name and the person you are honoring are listed in the program.
2) Underwrite tickets for youth, retirement home residents, or other groups of your choice.
3) Be part of our fundraisers during the year.
4) Consider the Symphony Foundation when planning your estate or memorial gift.

Contact us to learn more!

Business & Individuals

Businesses and individuals make a substantial contribution to our budget. We especially appreciate non-specified contributions, which enable us to apply funds to the areas of greatest need. Often these are operating expenses including music licensing fees, musician and staff salaries, and venue rental.

The Foundation

The Foundation for the Mid-Columbia Symphony helps ensure the continued success of our Symphony. A Foundation is created under State law when people like you donate or bequeath money or property. The Foundation Board of Directors, composed of respected community leaders, then invests that money. Only the proceeds from the investments may be used by the Symphony for its operation. Your original donation is never spent. Your name, or that of your designee, is forever remembered in Symphony literature as a supporter of the arts in the Mid-Columbia region.

Contact us at (509) 943-6602 or by using our form on the Contact page to learn more.

Why Aren’t Ticket Sales Enough To Sustain Symphony Costs?

About 1/4 of our revenue comes from ticket sales, typical of symphonies nationwide. We rely on community support, augmented with grants, for the remainder.

Production costs for one concert range from $25,000 to $35,000, depending on guest artists, programming, orchestration, and venue. A one-night event simply can’t recover that cost without pricing the tickets out of the range of most families. Overhead costs, such as staff salaries, advertising, insurance, office space, and all the other costs related to running a business, contribute to our annual budget of about $263,000.

Contact us at (509) 943-6602 or by using our form on the Contact page to get the latest annual report.