Mid-Columbia Youth Orchestra – Our History


Mid-Columbia Youth Orchestra is the premier youth symphony program in the Mid-Columbia region and is the educational arm of the Mid-Columbia Symphony. In 2015, after several years of hiatus, the Youth Symphony was revived under the direction of Adrienne Fletcher. After five years, MCYO is now an established audition-only program that performs high-level orchestral repertoire. MCYO has grown to include two ensembles: Youth Symphony and Cadet Strings, perform three mainstage concerts a season and collaborate with other local youth performing groups. We provide a unique, educational symphony experience for students from all over the Tri-Cities who are interested in pursuing music in an extracurricular setting.

The symphony orchestra is a special kind of ensemble. It is truly amazing what so many different kinds of instruments and people can create together. The literature of the symphony is prolific with a long-standing tradition. We strive to keep that tradition alive by providing young musicians an opportunity to learn and master these great works of art, but this is merely a portion of what we do. A diverse and multifaceted arts education gives students the skills to be open-minded, empathetic, innovative, and discerning members of society. Through performing arts we foster environments where students can learn and grow graciously. Collaborative arts teach us how to make mistakes, acknowledge them, and correct them in a team environment. We learn how to do better in collaboration with those around us. We look forward to the bright, beautiful future that these students will create.

We are unable to meet in person this Fall but we have been busy connecting and learning virtually. We are discovering and analyzing great works of literature together, we are developing our listening and theory skills, and we are keeping each other engaged and inspired to make music on and off the screen.