Current Supporters

For nearly 80 years, Tri-Citians have generously supported our non-profit regional orchestra, demonstrating their commitment to live performances. These patrons, who contribute financially beyond purchasing tickets, sustain us and keep the arts alive in our community. It is their dedication that allows us to thrive, and we are profoundly grateful for their investment. We thank all our donors for their ongoing support.

Because we are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax-deductible. Our EIN is 91-6057719.

To donate, call our office at (509) 943-6602, or click the button below.

Conductor's Circle $10,000+

Boyce Burdick
Mariana Haug
Bill & Hannah Kuhn
Phil & Mila Townsend

Steven & Julie Wiley
Shirley Wood
     in memory of Sam Wood

Betsy Vance
Fox Vance Family Foundation

Orchestra Circle $1,000+

Elaine C Ballou
Justin Chapman
William B Colvin
Rosemary Detrich
Gregory Exharos
Cheryl Fletcher

James A & Judith Klaustermeyer
Barbara McIntyre
Melvin McElroy
Andrew Miller
Bruce A & Rebecca S Miller
Carol Mowery

Chris Murray
Ann Nash
Joel P Rogo
Mary Beth Walker
Elizabeth M Weiss
Dalen Zabel

Principal Chair Sponsors

Boyce Burdick

Violin 1
Boyce Burdick

RJ & Diane Hoch

Bill & Hannah Kuhn

Raymond Law
     in memory of Marilyn Law

Cyndy Sharer

Bill & Hannah Kuhn

Mary Lynne Peters

Musician's Circle $300+

Donald Baer
Benita Brown
Leta Cavens
Sherry Davis
Nancy Doran
Dovetail Joint Restaurant
Kristy Sandidge-Fargher
Erica FitzRoy
Bob & Jan Greenwell
John Heatonis
Dorothy Hill
Maoyi Huang
Jane Knipmeyer
Kathryn S Lang
Joshua Lindberg
Gregg Lumetta
Barbara McIntyre
Geraldine Main
Thomas Moak
Chris Murray
Terea Newman
Ann Nolan
Tiffany Rohdenburg
Todd Samuel
Michael & Patricia Scott
Rachel Schubkegel
Anne Schur
Christina Stout
Don & Carolyn Williams
Marilyn Young
Michael Zabel

Patron's Circle $100+

Laurel Adams
Denise Algood
Ralph Curran
Cynthi Ewer
Annette W Gordon
David Gotthold
Maryanne Hutchins
Mary Lancaster
Kathryn Lang
     in memory of Larry Lang
Raymond Law
Joyce H McClanahan
Jeannine McShane
Ted Miller
James Morris
Mary Lynne Peters
Cyndy Sharer

Member's Circle $100+

Juli Bauman
Jeff Brown & Eva M Baroni
Davin Diaz
Stacey Eliason
Naomi Kang
Mary Lynne Peters
Paula Roberts
Elizabeth Weiss

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