Our Annual Young Artists Competition

The Young Artists Competition is held annually to promote and encourage talented student musicians across the region. Young musicians may compete in one of nine divisions. A jury of regional professional musicians evaluates the competitors. There will be cash prizes in each category. For information about the Young Artists Competition, contact the Symphony office at (509) 943-6602.

Congratulations to the 61st Young Artists Competition Winners!


2021 Winners:

Alvin Liu

Eduardo Muniz

Senior Division – Overall Winner

Eduardo Muniz Villa

2021 Honorable Mention

Jonathan Crosier

Junior Division – Overall Winner

Alvin Liu

2020 Overall Winners:

Hannah Schafer

Sana Schiffern

2020 Division Winners:

Braelin Carter, Senior Winds/Other

Nathan Hu, Senior Piano

Hannah Schafer, Senior Strings

Sana Schiffern, Intermediate Piano

Jonathan Crosier, Intermediate Strings

Alice Xu, Primary Piano

Darin Choi, Primary Strings

2019 Overall Winners:

Anastasia Crosier

Joshua Wu

2019 Division Winners:

Thomas Kaminsky, Senior Winds

Izzabella Evangelista, Senior Piano

Anastasia Crosier, Senior Strings

Audrey Xu, Intermediate Piano

Eduardo Muniz, Intermediate Strings

Joshua Wu, Primary Strings

2015 Overall Winners:

Grant Bender

Nathan Hu

2015 Division Winners:

Grant Bender, Senior, other

Nathan Hu, Primary, piano

Rebecca Qian, Intermediate, piano

Anastasia Crosier, Primary, strings

Valeria Heredia, Intermediate, strings

Tommy Mahew, Senior, strings

Katherine Moon, Senior, piano

2014 Overall Winners:

Katherine Moon

Katharine Zorich

2014 Division Winners:

Tobin Castellano, Senior, strings

Lisa Hu, Intermediate, strings

Nathan Hu, Primary, piano

Geoffrey McKay, Senior, other instrument

Katherine Moon, Intermediate, piano

Jason Zhuang, Primary, strings

Katharine Zorich, Senior, piano

2013 Winners:

Justin-James Chua, piano

Diana Wang, violin

2012 Winners:

Carlie Berry, piano

Emily Campagna, violin

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