How to Donate


You can donate at levels recognized in our concert programs, from $10,000 down to $100. You can sponsor a Principal Chair. You can donate to commemorate family or friends. How much you give is up to you, and it varies widely, but consider this: if 300 people gave $300—83 cents a day—that alone would cover half of our current budget. If you are retired and you have “minimum required distributions” (RMDs) from retirement accounts, consider making a “qualified charitable donation” to the Mid-Columbia Symphony (our EID is 91-6057719) and decrease your taxes. Click here for more information about this option.

Please donate now. Thank you!


You already buy tickets to our concerts. Do you also need to donate? Yes, please! Here’s why. We keep ticket prices low to so that our concerts remain accessible to the widest possible cross-section of our community. Currently, ticket sales cover only a third of our costs; we rely on personal donations for almost half of our operating income. It’s simple: your support is our lifeblood—without you, there is no symphony. For 78 years, individuals in this community have sustained our symphony with their financial donations. Please, join them and make the difference. Thank you!